Our Company

1Premiere Land Marketing Company (1PLMC) is one of the exclusive marketing arms of Sta. Lucia Land Inc. and Sta. Lucia Realty and Development Inc. Focused in residential, commercial and resort-type horizontal and vertical developments located all over the Philippines.

With projects developed to reach out for Filipinos on strategic locations in the Philippines, 1PLMC is committed on serving the needs of a growing market - providing affordable and quality residential and commercial units together with an accessible and healthy environment.

A Company with a Humble Beginning

1Premiere Land Marketing Company (1PLMC) primarily engaged its operations on marketing and selling residential subdivisions over Metro-Manila and other strategic cities throughout the Philippines. An aggressive player in the real-estate industry, 1PLMC ensures to handle every project with its style along with a sense of social responsibility.

Established last July 2, 2011; 1PLMC is not a newcomer in the business. Founded by fearless professionals with wide range of combined experience in the field of banking, financial and real-estate operations – acquiring enough years of "A to Z" management know-how. This company was already built in rocks before it was officially put on top of a pedestal.

"Being dynamic" is a critical factor to success. 1PLMC deeply believed in welcoming fresh ideas that can be applicable to a fast-changing world together with a focus mind-set towards community development.

Through the years, 1PLMC’s performance had greatly contributed to the serious partnership with the Sta. Lucia Group of Companies making it a dependable and trusted partner in the industry.

A seed planted in hard work and dedication is now growing - and will continue to grow over the next generations. 1PLMC wants to see its partners – clients, sales force, developer and stake holders to grow together. That is a life-long mission of giving back life to those people who has given their life to the company.

Bringing Premiere Community

Since its first engagement on real-estate business, 1Premiere Land Marketing Company saw a major need of Filipinos in search for quality and affordable homes enclaved within a secured and well-developed perimeter. In response to the demands of a boundlessly growing market, 1PLMC took a big role in creating standards to make a dream living and real-estate investment a reality.

A heart-deep commitment on bringing a vibrant community to people. It has been a challenge for the company to reach out for families and independently-living individuals residing in developing areas all over the country - to take hold of a better life inside its well-developed residential subdivisions. 1PLMC wants to make sure to tap most market segments with its first-class projects which cater to different lifestyles and income earners. With comprehensive researches and studies, target markets are well identified and prices are able to adjust in a desired level at a desired lifestyle.

Promoting ideal residences that are accessible to main arterial roads and major establishments, 1PLMC ensures to provide convenience and satisfaction to its clienteles - with creating of not only the finest conceptual community development, but also with granting the best assistance and extended services it can provide.

Considering that Filipinos are widely dispersed all over the country and the world; a main reason that drives 1PLMC to initiate a serious campaign to get closer to people by having strategic presence to its clienteles by setting up telemarketing applications.

Committed on bringing a premiere community with a service of a world-class hospitality. Your dream of having an ideal residence is now within reach. 1PLMC wants Filipinos to feel welcomed wherever they are in the world, back home.

Our Executives


Mr. Augustine Cayabyab Jr. (President) is a licensed real estate broker and Ms. Ellen A. Dimaculangan (Executive Vice President) is a Certified Public Accountant, Registered Nurse and a licensed Real Estate Broker.

Our leaders believe in the necessity of establishing a competitive marketing team as they will be the forefront in creating the credibility of the company and establish connection with our growing clientele.

Their vision, leadership, and dedication greatly contributed to the success and direction of 1 Premiere Land Marketing Company. Their hands-on leadership makes them visible and present in all marketing activities; in ensuring development and implementation of efficient marketing strategies and cost-effective systems to meet current and future needs of the market.

With their combined experience and expertise in the real estate industry, Mr. Cayabyab and Ms. Dimaculangan was able to build a company that envisions a professional and dynamic company that aims to build premiere communities for generations to come.


- To be the highest standard in the real estate industry and the premiere, dominant project seller, real estate marketing company. Commitment to our core values will remain at the heart of achieving our company vision.


- To achieve premiere market presence by providing premiere quality service. To strive continually to establish professional relationships with our clientles,and all company personnel. To provide a E-Commerce services for our business partners and salesforce, to enhance their respective property investments, professional careers and social responsibility.

Core Values

To fulfill our company vision we will incorporate principle-centered professionalism, high ethical standards and innovative business practices and systems. Our number one value is honesty, integrity, and fairness in dealing with our clients, customers, and colleagues. We will provide quality training and excellent education to our agents. We will enable our agents to achieve success through our commitment to excellence, personal responsibility, and good citizenship.

  • P - Professionalism
  • L - Loyalty
  • M - Magnaminity
  • C - Commitment