1PREMIERE LAND MARKETING CO. grew up from a hard working salesforce and staff dedicated to their job focus on Real Estate Selling, Investing, Professional Networking, and desire for positive change. We are here for those who want a better life for themselves and their family lives. 

This is not a real estate marketing company full of “chalk board theory” In this company, you will meet people like you that started with a dream, some ambition, and enough courage to go forward and make things happen. This company is filled with the average, above average, and great people. 

We have done our best to put out the call to attract highly intelligent and successful people who have walked the walk, talked the talk, and stood in their shoes. No matter what age, education level, or how much you have in your wallet or bank account - If you have the desire to succeed, you will find hope through those who have traveled that path before. 

Recruiting and networking people here that can help you get where you need to go, and whom you can take along with you for the ride. This marketing company was built off of helping as many people as possible, because one day, someone will return the favor and help you in the way you need it most at the right time. Its not who you know, it is who you have helped.

Please send your application at or call 8.635.4011 or visit our Main office at Pasig.